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Who is she?

A Unitarian Universalist Minister, she is currently serving as Minister of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universilist Church of Arlington, Arlington, VA. She was called in 2001 to join the team ministry at UUCA. Since 1999, she has served as the Joseph Priestley District board repersentive to the UUA.
     She is also a Artist, singer/songwriter, educator, Mother, wife, daughter ..... and more! She is on numerous professional groups, including a number of working groups at the UUA in her duties as UUA Board member from the JPD.

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Linda as Artist

[CD Cover] Linda has a CD of her songs out! Debuting in a concert for her 50th birthday party in 2001, she fulfilled a dream of releasing a CD! You can find out more information about it, such as the song names, a sample of the music, and how to buy a copy.
     She also has been active as an artist well before, and in many different ways other than her beatiful CD. Her Master of Divinity thesis, "Minister as Artist," used much of her background.

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In Closing

"I am eager to help us all sing the song which we have to sing."

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Linda currently lives in Northern Virginia, with her husband Dale and daughter Elizabeth, who is currently attending her alma mater The College of Wooster.

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