About Linda

Linda grew up the daughter of a Congregational minister. She went to the College of Wooster in Ohio, sang in coffee houses and marched in peace demonstrations. After a career working as a liturgical editor (for the Lutheran Fortress Press) and an educator and administrator (in schools and theaters), and after years of volunteer work (for community groups, health education, arts groups, human services), she became a religious educator and studied for the Unitarian Universalist ministry at Meadville/Lombard Theological School in Chicago. She was ordained in 1997.
     In 2001, Linda decided to accept the call of the Unitarian Univerislist Church of Arlington as their new Minister of Religious Education.

What She's Done, and Is Doing

  • MRE at the Unitarian Univerislist Church of Arlington.
  • Trustee, UUA Board.
  • Liaison to Journey to Wholeness Transformation Committee.
  • 1997 recipient of two awards from Meadville/Lombard Theological School: the Roberta Nelson Award in Religious Education Studies & the Faculty Award for Excellence in Religious Leadership.

Linda on the UUA Board

Linda was nominated by the Joseph Priestley District Nominating Committee and was voted to the UUA Board position in congregational elections held in March 1999. She is well-known and respected by congregants, leaders, youth, religious educators, and ministers in the JPD and across the UUA; and many people enthusiastically endorsed her candidacy.
     Linda serves on the Faith in Action/Religious Education working group of the Board, and she convenes the Justice Working Group of the Board.
     She publishes a monthly report, and is available for questions and conversation at 703-892-2565, or via email <LOPeebles at aol dot com>

Linda says...

"I believe that Unitarian Universalism holds in trust a vision and a philosophy that has the potential of being a central resource to our society in the decades to come. The world needs freedom, reason, and tolerance. The world needs a faith which teaches us to love - not for what we believe, but because we are all worthy parts of the web of existence. The world needs a community of allies, of people who will stand up for the down-trodden, marginalized, and misunderstood.

"I want Unitarian Universalism to thrive. I want individual souls to be blessed, and I want all our UU institutions to be stronger and healthier. It will be a tragedy if we cannot do the utmost to make this possible.

"The role of a Board of Trustees is, first, to be guardians and keepers of the vision; and secondly, to sustain the vision by finding the funds for its growth. And additionally, as the representative from this District of congregations, my role as Board member will be to communicate the Joseph Priestley District vision, and advocate for its support and interests, even as I add to our District's conversations the perspective of the larger movement.

"I am a singer. One of my favorite songs comes from the days of Peter, Paul and Mary. This lyric expresses core of my desire to serve on behalf of our children, our youth, our young adults, our parents, our elders, our congregations, and all the neighbors I have yet to meet:

We've got a hammer, and we've got a bell,
   and we've got a song to sing all over this land!
It's the hammer of justice, it's the bell of freedom,
it's the song about love between our brothers and our sisters,
   all over this land!

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