Linda's CD: Turning

About Turning

Debuting in a concert for her 50th birthday in 2001, she fulfilled a dream of releasing a CD. She filled it with songs both that she wrote many years ago, and ones she wrote just in the past few years as part of her being a MRE.

What's on it

Here is a list of the songs on Turning:
music notes
  01  .. Winter Dawn
  02  ...  Carols Are Ringing
  03  ....   Solstice
  04  .....    Suspended
  05  ......     Do You Recall?
  06  .....    Dripping Orchard
  07  ....   Monkey's View
  08  ...  Homesick
  09  .. Looking in the Mirror
  10  ...  Sometimes I Think
  11  ....   Angel's Song
  12  .....    I Saw A Bird
  13  ......     Highway to the Sun
  14  .....    Families Together
  15  ....   Love is a Mystery
  16  ...  Chalice Song
  17  .. The Windmill

You can download and listen to a short sample of "Do You Recall?" (636K, or a shorter, lower qualilty one (202K)).

Buying a Copy

You can buy copies of Turning by sending $15 USD per copy, with your address, to:
Rev. Linda Olson Peebles
4444 Arlington Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22204

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