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Her CD and Music

[Artist!] Linda has a CD of her songs out! Debuting in a concert for her 50th birthday party in 2001, she fulfilled a dream of releasing a CD! You can find out more information about it, such as the song names, a sample of the music, and how to buy a copy.
     Linda is a singer/songwriter, and has been performing and writing for many years - in choirs, coffee houses, poitical rallies, musical theater, educational settings, and now for church and religious groups. She has a tape, "Songs for Friends", recorded in 1990, and is currently recording more recent compositions.
     Her song "Light the Chalice" is a favorite among many groups, and has been performed as a solo, a choral piece (arranged by Forrest Tobey), and a congregational hymn.

Broader Arts

Linda's MDiv thesis "Minister as Artist" drew on her background as an art historian, artist, and theologian to develop the theme that the goal of religious growth is to help each individual and group become co-creators of our world.
     Linda has assisted in teaching a class and workshops in using arts in worship in a variety of settings, including at Meadville/Lombard Theological School (with Dr. John Tolley), the UU Southwest Conference Dwight Brown Leadership Experience, Ferry Beach RE Week, UUMA gatherings.

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